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Indo American Press Club honors Dr Tanya in Houson, Texas with Global Entrepreneur Award

The Indo American Press Club (IAPC) will honor Dr. Chaithanya from Australia, Founder of Skin Lab & Beauty clinics, co-founder Director of AMTAN MEDICAL, which owns eight Medical Centers across Queensland, Australia, with the Global Entrepreneur Award at 6th International Media Conference in Houston, TX.

Dr. Chaitanya, known as Dr. Tanya around the world will receive the award in the presence of several leaders of media, fine arts, businesses, and socio-political world, when they come together during the 6th annual International Media Conference planned to be held at Hilton Double Tree Hotel, Greenway Plaza in Houston, TX from October 11th to 14th, 2019.

The annual gathering of the media professionals hosted by Indo American Press Club, titled International Media Conference 2019, will be hosted by the IAPC Houston and Dallas Chapters, and coordinated by the national IAPC leadership.

Eminent personalities belonging the media, film, socio-political fraternities of global fame and prominence will attend this premier event of the Indo-American diaspora. About 500 patrons from the North Americas are expected to participate in this esteemed professional development and networking event.

Recognizing individuals who have touched the diaspora on a positive note has been a distinct tradition at IAPC. In addition to Dr. Tanya, several others Awardees will be recognized in the domains of Business Management, Woman entrepreneur, Visual Media, Print Media, Online Media and Malayalam literature excellence.

The Media Conference held over the weekend with over 500 delegates and guests will have insightful seminars, discussions, debates, roundtable conferences, business forums, youth forum, photo and essay contests, and entertainment programs.

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Indian-origin entrepreneur launches project EVE in Kerala to help empower women

Twenty women of lesser privileged backgrounds attended a workshop led by Chaithanya, following the inauguration of EVE. She spoke to them about their right to dream. “We divided them into three groups and asked them to come up with a dream they’d like fulfilled if they get a magic wand. One said she wants to be the Prime Minister, another said she wants to be a famous personality, a third said she wants to build homes for the homeless. And what the fourth person said touched us so much. She said, ‘I just want to be safe’. That’s what she’d say if she gets a magic wand,” Chaithanya says.

The basic idea is to create awareness about the basic right of women to live and have equal opportunities. She should be able to pursue her dreams if she wants to be a pilot or a plumber, it is up to her, Chaithanya says.

It is not just young girls in the group but widows and other hapless women. “Once they identify their dreams, we’d like to guide them through the proper channels. I have a small team with me. But we are hoping to form a panel of experts.”

She wants to focus on the same group of 20 women, to see them through, before taking in more groups. A winner of many awards including the Young Entrepreneur Australia award for 2019 and the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award last year, Chaithanya feels all those awards would have meaning only if she does something for the lesser privileged. She could also share her own experiences of meeting many failures on the way to success as an entrepreneur.

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Dr Tanya Ranked 16 in Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs for 2019


General practitioner Dr Tanya Unni arrived in Australia in 2010 with her husband Dr Ameer Hamza, and it only took three months before they founded their first medical clinic on the Gold Coast.

Nine years later and they now own eight Amtan Medical centres as well as three skin laser and cosmetic clinics.

“We provide 100 per cent bulk billing medical centres. We believe we offer a personalised health care experience that exceeds some of the private practice ones,” says Unni.

“We offer modern facilities and technologies that provide same day appointments to all our patients, with less waiting time.

“We have smart management style at reception to implement all the new changes with little inconvenience to patients.”


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